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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pinkity Pink Pink!

  I'm Dreaming in Pink today...
 Won't you come visit me?

 The table is set
I've laid out my dress
Yoo Hoo ate my lipstick, 
so she's all Pink too!

 We can eat like nobody is watching
and giggle and eat pink 
angel food cake
drink pink margaritas

 and eat pink ice cream sundaes...
I think then we will need a nap!

 or we can take a stroll and sit here!
 Oh how much fun it is to dream!!!
Have a dreamy pinkity pink day
my sparkly shugga-pie!

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  1. Your pink was pretty today Tobi,enjoyed My visit as always-Denise

  2. You definitely dreamed big and costly dreams this time.

  3. Lovely! Visiting from Pink Saturday.

    Pink in the Sink. Have a lovely weekend.

    PS. I am your new follower.

  4. this was a delicious pink visit! happy pink saturday xo

  5. Comments are all quirky today - hope I am not resending and resending to say how much I've loved the pink pics.


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A Fairy Tree