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My name is Tobi- Fairy Elf of the Pink Pixie Forest. This is the place where my imagination lives and plays with the Pixies and Fairies, and where I create sparkly treasures to remind myself that we should never forget the blessing of "re- seeing" the world thru a child's eye again... full of wonder and amazement.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Big Spring Giveaway!!!

I am getting packed and ready to go to 
Pottsville PA
to shoot an instructional Makeup DVD.
The DVD is for a company that owns 104 Beauty Schools across the country
and I was really blessed to be asked to help put it together
BE IN IT as well!
Makeup ?? you may be thinking...
I thought you just make sparkly things
Hang out with Pixies...
the answer to that is Yes,
and YES! 
You see, my sparkly friends, l
long before I became obsessed with gluing glitter and ornaments to things,
I was (and still am)
 a makeup Artist  
and educator by trade.
The sparkly stuff is my creative outlet and my therapy ;)
It's how i dream and play.
Because we all are fairy princesses deep down inside,
and it is important
 that we don't keep  
our princesses 
locked up in the tower
of "being practical".

Princesses need to be
 "let out" to play and breathe and get some sunshine!

They need to smell the flowers... 

And Dream
of how they want to
their castles!

So if gluing things on trees...

And making pretty things
Help us to free our inner fairy Princesses...

Then grab your glue guns girls... and follow me!!!
I am working on 
some really swell tutorials 
online crafting classes
for you
help you start playing again.
If you
Leave me a 
comment on this post-
you will be entered and have a chance to 
one of my first
crafty classes!!!

Don't forget to
We love her :)


  1. Hi Tobi,

    I just love your blog and all your glittery creations. I especially LOVE the music. I would love to be entered into your Pixie contest. Who wouldn't want to own one of your magical creations? I know I would. Have a lovely weekend and Happy Pink Saturday.

    xo Cathy

  2. I love your blog and would love to win a crafty class! Anything sparkly and glittery is okay in my book!

  3. This is my MOST FAVORITE Blog visit of the day. Your images are breathtaking! It makes me so happy just to sit and stare at them. Happy Pink Saturday.

  4. Hi Tobi, Congrats on your success in the make-up field! I'm sure you work miracles there, however, it can't hold a candle to what you do with your pixie dust and fairies! Your pieces are amazing. Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  5. Happy Pink Saturday! Love all your sparkly trees!

  6. HPS!

    Love this post and the little girl is so adorable.
    All the best for your shoot!


  7. Pixie love and sparkly creations are pretty and fun. I love them all.I would love to win such a pretty tree. Count me in and thank you.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  8. Hi Tobi, what beautiful photos! I'd love to take one of your e-courses.
    How fun your makeup DVD shoot will be! Have fun!
    Happy Pink Saturday!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

  9. I love makeup and sparkly things too! Good luck on the shoot!


  10. Sweet and gorgeous pink!

    My Pink, have a great weekend.

  11. Wow, Georgeous...can't wait for you tutorials. Your photos are beautiful. Love the music.

    I am returning to blogging and starting up in pinterest after a long vacation.

  12. Hi honey! Well you must be my long lost sister! I love decorating my castle, gluing sparkly things and fairies! Hugs, love and light ! Thank you for reminding me of my inner princess!
    ps, enter me!

  13. What a most wonderfully, sparkly, yummy blog! Have a most lovely PINK SATURDAY!
    Come by to visit my pink when you get a chance!

    Waving from Our Back Porch,

  14. Oh we have to let that Princess out don't we!!! I have always love your beautiful trees and all the glitter. Please enter me too. Beautiful illustrations.

  15. Happy Pink Saturday my Sparkly friend, have fun on your adventure! Hugs and sparkly wishes with sprinkles of fairy dust:) Marilou

  16. What a delightful, sparkly, beautiful post!

  17. Hi Tobi, I'm back, lol! I don't remember exactly what I said before, congrats on the photo shoot, I know you will be fabulous! And you know I love all of your creations, they are so precious. Have a wonderful weekend and a safe trip! Hugs and blessings, Nan

  18. CONGRATS, Miss Tobi! It couldn't happen to a sweeter Fairy. You inspire me every time I check out your blog.Safe trip and God bless dear heart. Hugs, Judy Dexter

  19. Wow congrat's...look's like your still as busy as ever. I love your blog...my granddaughter's also like it. My daughter love's faires.

  20. I just saw this post as I am catching up!!What the heck are you doing in Pottsville??? That is only about an hour or so away from me down Interstate 81!!


  21. I was just introduced to your Blog by my mom, who I should say loves all your magical creations. It's such a delightful, sparkly and beautiful page so I can see why. As I am always saying I want to roll my self in glitter and sparkle all day long. I would love to be entered into your Pixie contest. Let me just say I will D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y be back....

    Hugs and lots of love

  22. I found you on Pinterest! I new as soon as I saw the first picture of the embellished Easter tree that there would be more to see! I love them all! This blue is one of my favorite colors, like a robin's egg blue! The color of my bedroom! Love it all!


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A Fairy Tree