Bunneees and Pinkness

So this is what I am going to look like  on St. Patricks Day
 when I am old.
A nice comfy and stylish outdoor room, and a cuppa me Earl Grey tea.
I have freshly baked scones in my picnic hamper, and
 I made my dress all by myself!
The pixies are hiding, they are quite a shy lot.
Or maybe they are like a bunch of adolescents and 
totally embarrassed of how I started dressing!

Well, until that day comes, I will be spending my life on Pinterest finding really swell pictures to make you go AHHHHHH!  
Here are a few I have found lately:
 A Birdfeeder made out of a Chandelier
 LOVE the curves!
 A Birdfeeder made out of a slinky!!
Here are a few of my Easter trees
on my

So I hope you all have a wonderfully Pink WEEK at

Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!


  1. Lovely post and I love your new blog look-soft, pretty and magical!

  2. Good Morning Tobi Sweetie...
    Oh how beautiful it looks in the Pink Pixie Forest today. I am so dreaming.

    I love that chandie bird feeder, who wouldn't, why even the birds can be royalty. I love it. That slinky idea is the best thing I have seen in a long time. What fun that would be for the birds.

    And oh my gosh, those roses are so elegant and beautiful. I would love to have a gorgeous arbor climbing with pink roses. A girl can dream right?

    Oh my gosh sweetie, I love, LOVE your bunny trees. Oh a girl would feel so special having one of those grandly placed by the front door to greet her guests. Your talents amaze me dear friend. I love the Cinderella, as it matches my post about Cinderella. Thank you dear friend for sharing today.

    Have a glorious Monday. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. It's all so beautiful, Tobi!

    The birdfeeders are so clever aren't they? And your Easter trees are fabby!!