Blog Inspiration of the Week: A Meandering Pearl

"What do you love?" Ravenflower the pixie asked.
"The name of my new follower's blog- A Meandering Pearl!"
"That's a pretty name she said" while rummaging thru my box of broken necklaces.
"I think that would make a pretty tree... meandering Pearl..." I said to myself whilst browsing her blog.

The very next morning I went down to feed Precious and Baby- (my Pomeranian Pixies)

When low and behold- what just twinkled at me?

A brand new tree, shimmering with silver crushed glass glitter and pearls...Meandering Pearls!
"Wow" I thought-What a wonderful idea for a weekly, (or sometimes every two or three weeks depending on how busy me and the pixies and fairies are) to create a tree just for the fun of it that happens to be inspired by the name of one of my sparkly blog friends! "

The tree is adorable, but I really need to speak to the pixies about leaving my glue gun on!

So this precious tree is lovingly dedicated to Meandering Pearl-"It takes a long time to grow a rare pearl"! Visit her lovely blog and say hi for me!

The shells in the base can hold your sweet earrings

So if you are interested in being a possible future muse for this project, just leave us a comment submitting your blog name or that of a friend's that might make a pretty tree, and we just may do it!

Ps This is just for fun and to keep my creativity flowing, and the pixies out of mischief! No strings attached!


  1. Stunning Tree! and a beautiful post! Yes agree such a great name for a blog too...
    I think those fairies pinch more than just pearls and forever not being able to find things I've stashed!:)
    Have a good day!
    Love lou xx

  2. You are right Lou! They just don't take socks...that would be Trolls.

  3. Oh this is just adorable!!! What a fantastic way to inspire creation! :)

  4. its so precious, thank you!!! im going to do a post about it at some time but its been quite a heartrending week...this made my day sparkle so!!! such lovelieness!!!