The Sunday Blues...Flow Blues that is!

"Tobeeeeeee"...Emma Sparkle squealed as she flew with a "POOF" into a basket of warm laundry I had just taken out of the dryer. Pixies love to play in warm fluffy laundry, and are especially fond of the smell of April Fresh Downey.
"Do you love me?" she asked poking her head up from the basket of clothes.
"Of course I love you, now please try not to leave sparkles on the socks."
My husband gets cranky when his clothes are all "glittered up", and he reminds me to please keep my sparkles in my workshop.
"Do you love me forever and ever and never stop counting?" Emma asked as she put a sock on her head and made it into a hat.
"Yes I love you Emma and never stop counting- did you do something naughty?" I looked at her with my "suspicious mom face".
"...And you want mee to stay and live here forever too?" She darted up and came down with a swoosh, head first into the pile of clothes I had just folded making my work for naught.
"YES EMMA!! Now what is the matter?" I demanded with a little less patience than I would have liked.
She peered out from behind my now crumpled jeans.
"I don't want you to glue meee to a tree and sell me on Ebay."
"Oh for Gosh Sakes Emma! Is that what's wrong?" My heart just melted as I scooped her up and looked into her little bright green Pixie eyes
"That Pixie on the Rainbow tree wasn't REAL- it's only a figurine".
"What's a figureeeen? She asked
"It's like a plate, but in the shape of something like a frog or a Pixie!" I held up my prized Flow Blue plate to show her.
"See? Plates aren't alive so It's okay."
"Weeee!" She swooshed up with glee in spirals to the ceiling- "I have to go tell everybody!" and with that she was off...leaving a sparkly trail of pixie dust on the bed, and a pile on my husband's socks.
Later that evening, I discovered a my little Pixie named Periwinkle Sparklebottom playing in the China Cabinet.
"OOOOH!" I heard as the sound of little Pixie footsteps made my crystal ting and tinkle in the dark.
"Be careful Peri" I warned, not wanting to have to sweep up glass any time soon.
"What's a plate? she asked me while balancing on the edge of a crystal goblet.
I picked up my Flow Blue plate that I adored and showed it to her.
"This is a plate Peri. It is very very old so please be careful!"
"The Bloo is sooooo pretty Tobeee!"
I am sure you know where this is going..........

Well, here is my 1899 Flow Blue W.H. Grindley and Sons plate (Doris Pattern) that she fancied last night, all prettied up with a ecru hand dyed bottle brush tree and Cobalt Blue Vintage Shiny Brite ornaments! She has a Midnight Blue Vintage Rhinestone Brooch tucked in the branches, along with Vintage Bells and Cobalt beads.
Won't She look lovely in your Flow Blue Collection??
Make sure to lock your China Cabinet so Periwinkle can't get at it!
Naughty Fairy!!!


  1. Silly pixies! What joy they must bring to your day!

  2. SO very gald Emma is not going to be glued to a tree! You would miss her I know! Sorry about the glitter on your husband's clothes. I guess he doesn't understand the pixie thing! ;)
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. Don't worry Lisa,
    No pixies were harmed in the making of the tree! LOL

  4. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you will continue following since I can tell we are kindred spirits. Love your little trees. I have the hardest time trying to find the trees back in December. We do not have a local craft store that carries a diversity of finds. Your trees are to die for and I'm pretty sure you will have a big follow once you start selling in Etsy. Blessings, Marta.

  5. Tobi, I had to come and see WHO would give me "sparkly" hugs! And so now I see. What a sweet gesture! I have never had a sparkle hug in my life. But, I am so honored to get one. I think your blog and post is so creative and sweet and full of pixie dust and love. So.... here's a big sparkle hug right back at you!(gosh, this was fun- I could get used to being sparkly hugged! Thanks again!)

  6. I could of sworn I left you a lovely commnet about your blue tree! it's delish.

    Have you made the annoucement of the tree winner yet I can't see it on your blog? (that doesn't meen it's not there though lol)

    Love Dawn xx

  7. Your pixie trees are beautiful. Very creative. Thanks for coming by and leaving such a nice comment. You may use what ever you like off my blog:)

  8. Nice to meet you! I love your whimsy...beautiful blog!

    looking for your follow button now...come by and visit sometime,

    ciao bella

  9. AWWWWWWWWWIIIIIIII... Love the trees =) they ar gorgeous

  10. Absolutely beautiful! Blue is my favorite color and I love, love, love this tree! -April

  11. Glad to hear that! lol
    Hugs, Lisa