Swan Lake...Fairy Pixie Style!

It is a well known fact that Pixies and Fairies are very bad with boundaries and are always wanting to get into your business. As I told you before, they go into your drawers at night and play with your pretty trinkets, and feel no remorse in pinching a few to put on their trees. They also like playing with your computer and well, that's what happened last night. I heard whispering and giggles coming from my workshop, so naturally I went to investigate. Periwinkle Twinklewing (aka Nosey Body) was busy showing my Facebook Wall to Emma Sparklebottom and Shimmer Silverdust (They work in the glitter department naturally). The page was open to my Birthday post and they were looking at my birthday Carvel Cake with Tiny Vintage Ballerina Candle Holders.

"What are they?" Periwinkle asked.
"Those are Ballerinas, and didn't I tell you guys to stay off my computer?? How did you get my Facebook password anyway?"
"Are Ballerinas fairies without wings?" asked Emma Sparklebottom.
"They are very beautiful.." remarked Shimmer as I regained possession of my laptop, hoping they had not been visiting Troll sites again- which are known for harboring nasty viruses.
"How do they fly without wings?" Emma asked, still mesmerized by my little plastic dancers.
"They don't fly Emma, they dance" I said and pulled up You Tube on my laptop to find a clip of Swan Lake.

They all sat transfixed to the tiny dancers flitting around on the YouTube screen.
"Look" exclaimed Emma as a dancer leapt into the air..."She IS flying! Ballerina Fairies fly without wings!!"

"I never thought of it that way Emma, I guess they do..." and closed my laptop cause it was really time for bed.

"Night Night ladies" I said as I left them to their excited whispers. Whatever they were up to, I just hoped they would clean up after themselves, I needed to go to bed.

"Tooobbii...WAKE UP!"

I stumbled downstairs and what do you think was waiting for me?

"It's a Ballerina Fairy tree Tobeee, do you like it?" Emma squealed with delight!

I looked back at Emma, but saw only a puff of Fairy Dust swirling in the sharp shafts of morning sunlight.

"Fairies!" I thought to myself.

But how could I possibly be mad when they make such beautiful presents for me?



  1. I love your imagination. I needed a pick me up post today, and I just knew I'd find it here.

  2. Adorable! Your photos are like the most delicious eye candy!

    Thanks so much for the visit to my blog and for entering my giveaway! So nice to meet you and to discover your lovely blog in return!

    All the best,