Pink Christmas!!!

Hellooo My Sparkly Friends!!

The Pixies and I have been hard at work

making our sparkly trees for the

2011 Christmas season!


Bob is doing fine

and sends her butterfly love to all of you!!

Bob is a girl,

I just found it out.

Rather than change her name to
I am just leaving it at Bob,
And that is that!

She sits on my finger and drinks her nectar

every morning from a spoon.

Bob is a Monarch Butterfly
that i rescued
around October 24th
right before NY was due for a snowstorm.
She was on my recycling bin
I thought she was not alive
until i carefully picked her up and
saw otherwise!!
She loves to hang on my bedroom curtains
during the day,
and at night I put her in a box to keep her safe
Kitty Kitty
(yes, that is her name!)

I am going to order some milkweed plants
and make her a better place to hang out than
my windowsill.

Hopefully that will get her through the winter so i can release her in the
when all of her butterfly friends come back to NY.

Here are a few more trees-

I just LOVE making them!!

They have been listed on Ebay-

Go take a peek!!

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Pink Saturday!!
Go visit the other Pinkettes,
And tell em
Tobi and The Pixies send their Sparkly Love!!!

Have a Blessed Day My Sparkly Friends!!

Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

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  1. Your trees are so lovely - I bet you do have fun making them! And I think it is pretty neat that you rescued a butterfly - how cool is that! Happy Belated Pink Sat.


  2. If I could afford it,I would buy your whole supply in one sitting.Denise

  3. Your things are lovely. I used to do a pink Christmas for so many years--even had my tree flocked pink one year! Now I am doing blue, silver, and white but still love the pink!

  4. Ti seguo con amore dall' Italia e ho ammirato questo tuo ultimo postdedicato tutto alle decorazioni natalizie.
    Andavo anche io a caccia di nuove idee e posso dire che sei riuscita a darmene molte.

  5. Oh, I love seeing updates from Bob!! I think it's awesome that you saved this little butterfly!

    I've got my eye on that Grinch tree. It's on my eBay watch SO ADORABLE!

  6. Beautiful and oh so unique little trees. Love em.

    You should really write children's stories. You have such a fun way with those sparkly words!

    Have a great day!

  7. Bob is beautiful! That is such a cool story. ~Judy =^..^=

  8. Thanks for linking up! I love your trees, so shiny and fun to look at. I hope you have a chance to come back again this weekend and show more of your projects!

  9. Bob is such a beautiful butterfly. I think she will like the milkweed plants. So kind of you to rescue her : )
    Your trees are so pretty!

  10. Happy Pink Saturday to my favorite Pinkalicious girl, have fun making those trees! Hugs to you! Marilou

  11. The tree is fabulous!!
    And how awesome are you for saving that butterfly!!
    I have a cat named Kitty too!!

  12. I love the pink car! How cool to still have the butterfly.