Teach Yourself Jewelry Soldering!!

Hello My sparkly friends!!
It is that time of year again... when I teach my online classes at Artful Gathering events.com!!!
This year's class is a very special one, not just because I love to solder, but because the proceeds
from the class tuition will help me help breast cancer survivors who have undergone Breast reconstruction and need to have areola repigmentation. 

  My portion of the proceeds will help  pay for  several micropigmentation classes, my new machine and supplies which are incredibly expensive!!
I plan on gifting my services to women who need this crucial last step in feeling whole again- but who just can't afford it or don't have insurance.  

This is a very special gift for me to be able to help, to use my skills that I have been building for a lifetime as a makeup artist and artist- to give back and have my art leave a lasting feeling of wholeness at last.
I get goosebumps when I think about being able to help these women. 

 It will also help me with healing my own hurt from years ago, when I pretended to myself that my mom wasn't sick and that she would never leave me. 

 Looking back, I wish I had used my talent to hook her up with a bunch of awesome wigs and hats with hair ponytails... but instead I chose to just hyperfocus on my work and business and pretend that everything was going to be ok.  I still beat myself up about that, but by getting out of my own head and giving to these women, 
 I know my heart will mend and one day I will be at peace with it

 It is so true- the saying "Youth is wasted on the young"...  but I DO know better than to let myself get all caught up in "would-coulda-shoulda's"!
On the very bright side of all this (there is ALWAYS a bright side),
this new class is super fun and creative and you will LOVE making jewelry and gifts for all of your friends and family for this holiday season!!!

Summer is the time- just think- everyone will think you have stock in Etsy or something
by all of the handmade lovely trinkets you can make!
The great news is, you can pick up all of the supplies right in Home Depot or Lowes and it won't cost you a fortune!!

All the pics in this post are things I made using the techniques I teach in this class, 
One more thing to note:
I will be adding special project tutorials to the live online class that will NOT be a part of the DVD when it comes out in February- so that's just something to think about!

Please share this post wherever you can- I will love you forever-
 (I will love you forever anyway even if you don't share but please do! :) LOL
xoxo with all my heart,
Tobi and the Pixies

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Throw Back Wednesday from The Impatient Farmgirl!!


Hello My Sparkly Friends!!! 
Here is a throwback to 2012 when I redid my backyard.  I know that throwbacks are for Thursdays, but hey- I'm the Impatient Farmgirl so I do stuff when I want to!
Wow- Looking back I love how everything looked all pretty and new, and had a great thought that would be fun-  once the yard and garden starts blooming this year, I will do an update for you.

Doing an update will kick my butt into actually staying on schedule this year with planting, painting and prettying- so feel free to pressure me from time to time to see what progress I have made!!

Here is the post from 2012:

The pixies and I have been busy bringing the Pink Pixie Forest to life in my backyard.  We removed a few trees to make way for Mr. Sunshine, knocked down an old dilapidated shed, trimmed the big ugly black chain link dog run in half and changed it to silver.
Then we added lots of pretty crushed gravel and bluestone, hydrangea, hibiscus and rose bushes  and plenty of pennsylvania wall stone for some sweet rock walls.  It is now the home of two Fairy Cottages and garden art space for my classes, a raised garden for next year's vegetables, and a few little outdoor "sitting rooms" which I am still working on.  It is like a little pinterest dream come true!
Here are some fun before and afters!

Before- Concrete pad for fairy cottage
After- Cottage, Arbor and Bluestone 
sitting area and path

Before- Yucky Dog run
After- Raised beds- view from deck



I just love having these raised beds now instead of a big black chain link poopy dog run!!


Before raised beds
After raised Beds and gravel

Before stone wall

Stone wall constructed

Stone wall planted

                                    Cottages installed

Have a wonderfully sparkly weekend, and a happy Pink Saturday!
 Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

On The Work Bench Today

Hello my sparkly friends!  I have been obsessed with putting rhinestones on things lately- here art a few projects- Enjoy!

Enjoy your Sunday my friends!! xoxo

She's Baaaack!!

Hello my sparkly friends!
So here is a bit of what I was up to while I was taking a break from blogging.
I painted a bit..

I taught a Couple of online classes at Artful Gathering last summer...

I got Plantar Faciitis, tendonitis, and had my Parathyroid removed, got bit by 2 ticks and thought i had Lymes... but after all that I am better now.  I still have problems walking sometimes, but things seem to be on the mend.
I learned how not to take my health for granted.
I adopted and fell in love with a bunch of Kewpie Flapper dolls, and started turning them into angels.

And got 2 teeth pulled to make room for 2 implants- OUCH!!
Oh- and I discovered how to make a BitMoji of myself.... Complete with age lines!!

There's more, but I am tired so goodnight for now!!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

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