Never too early...

  It's almost here....
Ok, I know August isn't even over yet, but it is never too early to start thinking about Halloween!
This year, I'm gonna make myself some pretty pink pumpkins!
 I am actually growing pumpkins
in my garden.

And of course, we can't forget the
Lawn Ghosts!
Here are some new pics from my 
2012 Lawn ghosts,
which actually had to be taken down
because of Hurricane Sandy.

 I made the ghosties more frilly and vintage.

 And had them hold hands in a semi circle instead of a ring.

I also added a cute one sitting on my bench,

And two Victorian gals wandering off to the woods.
I totally love these little Fairy ghosts!
So ethereal...
 My Lawn Ghosts became very popular on Pinterest-
It will be a challenge to come up with better ones this year.
Thanks to all for pinning!

Linking to Pink Saturday
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

Awaiting the Blizzard

Hello My Sparkly Friends!
 It's Friday, early afternoon.  I've washed the floors, dusted the downstairs, straightened the livingroom, cleaned the birdcage and shined my sink like Fly Lady told me to.  
After my house lovin' was all done, I got out my grama's deep dish pie plate, sliced up the apples that were not crispy enough for juicing, and got my baking on.
There is nothing that soothes the soul more than the smell of sweet apple pie drifting all the way upstairs...
especially on a blustery day.

Apple pie- that's where the peace is.

So today is the day that us New Yawkers are waiting for
the big blizzard that's supposed to happen sometime around 8pm this evening.

I did a mini shopping last night with all the "Blizzard Preparedness Shoppers", but I didn't have to wait long in line cause I use the Stop and Shop price gun which means I can waltz right up to the 12 items or less line with a
 fully loaded and pre-bagged cart 
and see how many people behind me 
are thinking of saying something
 about me having 
OBVIOUSLY way MORE than 12 items in my cart.
Nobody ever really says anything, but I can hear them thinking it so I place my gun and my keys with my keychain card on the belt and put a "separator bar" behind them and start reading the Enquirer article about celebrities who shouldn't go swimming in public because their bodies look like regular people with fat and cellulite. 
 God forbid a celebrity should look like the rest of us!  Snarf.

 I mean seriously people, do you think
 ANY man would look at ELLE and say
"Sorry babe, I can't sleep with you because your cellulite is really gross"????
I really need to stop procrastinating and go do some trees for my Etsy shop.
Here are some Pink Peek a Boos from my workshop
in honor of Pink Saturday over at
I hope you enjoy your weekend, and the snow if you get any...
and don't forget to SPARKLE!!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!