Pinks on Pink Saturday- My Second Craft Show!

Hello My Sparkly Friends!
Sorry if this post looks a lot like my last,
but I am doing another craft show this weekend.
My booth is a little different, but it is definitely
Pink Pixie Forest!
So sorry for the tardiness of this post, but
I woke up late today
and totally
speeded to get here
so I could
Finish setting up my
I finally got everything together
Sat down and found that I actually
had wireless here at the show
My post at last :)
So how was your Thanksgiving?
Did you have yourself a Turkey Coma??

Did you cook or go somewhere?
We went to my Aunt in Connecticut
and had a great time.
I learned how to play Texas Hold em Poker
and actually
the pot of money!
20 Buckeroonies.
Hope y'all had a great
Turkey day!
And since it is
Pink Saturday,
Please mosey on over to
to see all my pinky friends!

Pixies on the Road!

Hello My Sparkly Friends, and
Happy Pink Saturday!

Thank you for all of your well wishes
for our first
Juried Craft Show!

As promised,
here are some pics
of the Pink Pixie Forest Booth!

The show turned out great!
We have another two
Thanks so much for stopping by our sparkly little home!
Don't forget to visit our other Pink Sparkly Friends
Miss Beverly's Site
showing off their
Pinky Winky Stuff
Have a sparklyriffic
pinkaloonie day!!!
(Ok, I am finished making up words now)

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Hello my sparkly Friends!
I am doing a craft show this weekend, so pink saturday is brief...
here is a pic of my booth!
Please go visit
to see my other pink friends!

Shhhh... Sleeping Pixies- Be Vewwy vewwy Quiet!!!

This is what morning looks like in the Pink Pixie Forest!

SHHHH! We mustn't wake the sleeping Pixies...

They have been sooo very busy lately
helping me make trees for my big
Fall Craft Show
Stonybrook University
next weekend!

We are very excited because it is our very first juried show!

Oh my! Looks like someone is waking up...

(Above image)
Adorable do it yourself pattern from
She makes step by step recipes
and her mom makes hat patterns!
All other images from

If you are wondering where
All of the little pixies
got their
Supercool Hats,
they are from

Lovingly handmade by a SAHM
who is
working toward her nursing degree.


Don't they just melt your heart???
Awesome Photography as well!
I know a bunch of you lovelies have some
that would just
some Organic
Handmade Treasures
Well, it's time for me to
wake these cuties up
and glitter another
hundred trees!
You can come on over to
the forest and help,
Mozey on over to
and visit all of my
lovely pinky friends there!
Either way,
have yourself
cuddly sparkalicious