Scrumptiously Pink!

My heart truly skipped a beat this week while looking thru my new Country Living Magazine.
This image of pristine vintage candlesticks and pale pink tapers... Oh yes, you know I will be dragging mine out!

And just when I had decided to paint every last stick of furniture in my house WHITE, what did I behold on the very next page.....

Simply DiVINE!

While basking in the light of all this


A lovely package arrived from

The Speckled Egg-

My buddy Heather sent me a trunk full of goodies-
Here is a little place I set up for my new Charlotte-
plus I gave her a new pair of wings
so she could play with the pixies and have
"Home Wing Advantage"

Well my SpaRkLy fRieNds,
I had almost run out of Pinky Ideas
Started to put
my cat
"Kitty Kitty"
(yes, that is her name)

Lucky for us all,
she ate the Marabou

And gave my new
the scare of her life

So I gave up trying to

Dress The Cat

and instead
Read my Country Living Magazine
and found those pretty Pink Pictures for us!

Soo My Sparkly Friends, mosey on over to

to see all our other pinkies in our pinkalishiousness!

And on the way, stop and visit

she is my Blog of the Week!

I just linked this post (because of my fancy Kitty Kitty)

It is new,
so lets make it big!!!

Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

Vintage Pink Corsage

Happy Pink Saturday
My Sparkly Friends!
Today I have
Vintage Christmas Corsage!

I just love Pink
Christmassy things!

I also have a
Pretty Crown

Now make sure to go visit
and all the rest of the lovely Pinkettes!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

New Fairycakes and Frozen Charlotte Stuff!

Hello my Sparkly Friends and
This week's post is short,
I ran out of pink last week
and had to make some more
Fairy Cakes and other stuff for
Here they are...
Frozen Charlotte playing "Venus"
Another Pink Flower Fairy cake
Lil' Charlotte likes to swing on a star
And a new Pink Fairy Tree!

Here is some of my really swell
Petite Box Swap
(The speckled egg Petite Paris Box swap)

Holy Cow is that woman amazing!
A detailholic! (It's a good thing!)

Everything was absolutely perfect!
Oh how I LOVE this bracelet- I have been wearing it every day!
Thank you Rhea, I
It's hard keeping the
Pixies away.
Have a spectacular
Pink Saturday
Dear Ones,
and don't forget to visit our other Pinkies at
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

Procrastination Update: "I'm simply saying that life, uh, finds a way."

"I'm simply saying that life...uh...finds a way"

My favorite quote spoken by
Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic park
when being
told how the park could
prevent the dinosaurs and Raptors from breeding.
my sparkly friends,
most certainly
finds a way
to keep going

in spite of
our plans.

Case in point:
my box of close to
a hundred packets of seeds-
the planting of which was on
my zero procrastination tolerance
things to do this year.

While I was busy doing all the other things on my to do list first,
left it out in the rain
got my box wet by accident
and a funny thing happened...
Um, my box started growing.
seeds + water = baby plants
It was like they knew they might be
procrastinated till next year
and they just
took matters into their own roots-
The life in them

I mean,
How beautiful

So of course, now that they were visibly alive,
I couldn't procrastinate them any longer
I planted them in big clumps all over the place
because i didn't want to separate them now that they were used to being so close...
it just seemed mean to separate them

So I am hoping to maybe have a gardening breakthrough in seed starting-
Just wet the packets
let life find a way!

For more lovely "lifeness" please visit
A Southern daydreamer for
Many lovely Posts with beautiful pictures of nature type stuff!!!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

What Do You Do When You Run Out Of Pink And It's Friday??

The answer my Sparkly friends is.....

Dress Up Your Wee Little Dog!

This is Baby, my White Pomeranian.
She snuck upstairs today, risking life and limb to sneak past
my Mastiff.
She ran up the stairs just to have me put her up on the bed so she could watch me download my swap pictures. There she was, white on a white bedspread and I thought-
what a great shot for
White Wednesday!"
But tomorrow was

"Pink Saturday",

so I got a
Pink Feather Boa

and a flower and we played Dressup!
Now as you can see, Baby is quite the HAM and loves playing dressup and laying with her legs crossed in front of her.
The Pixies like playing with her as well!

OK, 'nuff Baby.
So now here are some of the pictures of the stuff I made for my
Fleur de Bee
Crown Swap Partner

Here is the Crown,
in all of it's pink
Sparkly Splendor

And a Crowned Crow

I made some Crown Magnets
in a
Crown Box
and a Crown

And since she
I used
Packing Material!
Sure Hopes she likes it!
Now my little Pink Sparkly Chickees
Go see Miss Beverly
to see what Scrumptious
Pink Offerings the other Pinkalicious Girlies are Posting!
Have A Sparkly Day!

Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

Paris Pinks and a Winner

Hello My Sparkly Friends! Today my Pink for Pink Saturday is my Paris themed Matchbox from the swap I just did with

First up is the Box I received from my Swap Buddy Jennifer B. Isn't it pretty?? She filled it with goodies I can't wait to use!

And here is an extra box of goodies with an adorable Pink Dressed Girlie. She may become a fairy soon...
Next up are the boxes I sent my partners

My Box For Rhea

My Box for Jen

And here is my latest
Pink Poodle,
but this one is a
It is huge. I never knew they came that big so imagine my surprise unwrapping her.
My featured blog for today is
my new obsession and absolute fave! Allison teaches everyone about
vintage housekeeping
in a modern version to
add charm and happinesss
to your every day things we normally can get grumbly about!
"Frilly Pink FLY LADY with an
English Accent!"
I have downloaded almost all of her ebooks (all are very reasonable) and I am well on my way to being on top of my stuff and tres organized!!!
Now skip on over to
to visit more yummy pinks today!

Congratulations to
You better get your best bling ready because your
Jewelry Tree
will be on it's way
as soon as you send me your
Mailing Addy!
Thank you to all for entering!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!