Giveaway and Pink Saturday!

Hello My SpArKlY FrieNds!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Today I am home sick with a cold/flu thingy,
so I got to dreaming about barns.
I don't know.
Pink Barns, that is.

Then I started thinking about

She is looking pretty good for being like 60.
Me- I would be happy to be able to work out
and stick to a diet long enough to be able to
wear this blouse!

Maybe if I make pretend food in my
pretend kitchen
I can keep my weight in check!

Don't you just wish there were
cool toys like this when you were a little girl??
I sure do!
Well anyway, Here is my latest etsy creation-
I am pretty sure she qualifies for Pink Saturday;)

Thank you Miss Beverly for being our hostess with the mostest!!
Please go visit more pinkies

of this
Yummy Zero Calorie
Rose Fairy Cupcake

The Blushing Rose!

Go give her some sparkly
and Congrats!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

Giveaway- Hurry and Enter!!

Hello my sparkly friends!!!
Sunday is the last chance to enter the
Pink Saturday Birthday Giveaway
of this
Rose Fairy Cupcake!!!
Because of all of the blogger problems,I will accept entries 10pm Sunday night!

So hurry up and Enter!!!

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