Hello My SpaRkLy FrIeNds!
I am happy to be home!!
Come sit a spell and visit with me 

 The Magnolias are in Bloom

My house is just around the bend
I hung flowers on the front gate

So put on your most sparkly shoes,

Curl up your hair

 And cross the meadow....

 I will be probably be in the garden, cutting roses for the table!


 So how was your week sweetpea?  
Mine was hectic but really satisfying now that the video has been shot for the Makeup DVD.
I wish I had known sooner, but I was sorta close to Debbie Dabble and would have loved to visit with her!

Now that I am back, I want to completely organize my pixie studio this weekend so I can start taping my tutorials and my video blogs from there.

I am so excited!  
My GIVEAWAY is still on- to be entered just 
leave a comment here 
and tell me what kind of tutorials you would like to see me teach. 
The winner will receive my first tutorial!!

 LOOK at these beautiful images I found on 
They really inspire me....
WHAT inspires YOU??

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We love her :)

Big Spring Giveaway!!!

I am getting packed and ready to go to 
Pottsville PA
to shoot an instructional Makeup DVD.
The DVD is for a company that owns 104 Beauty Schools across the country
and I was really blessed to be asked to help put it together
BE IN IT as well!
Makeup ?? you may be thinking...
I thought you just make sparkly things
Hang out with Pixies...
the answer to that is Yes,
and YES! 
You see, my sparkly friends, l
long before I became obsessed with gluing glitter and ornaments to things,
I was (and still am)
 a makeup Artist  
and educator by trade.
The sparkly stuff is my creative outlet and my therapy ;)
It's how i dream and play.
Because we all are fairy princesses deep down inside,
and it is important
 that we don't keep  
our princesses 
locked up in the tower
of "being practical".

Princesses need to be
 "let out" to play and breathe and get some sunshine!

They need to smell the flowers... 

And Dream
of how they want to
their castles!

So if gluing things on trees...

And making pretty things
Help us to free our inner fairy Princesses...

Then grab your glue guns girls... and follow me!!!
I am working on 
some really swell tutorials 
online crafting classes
for you
help you start playing again.
If you
Leave me a 
comment on this post-
you will be entered and have a chance to 
one of my first
crafty classes!!!

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We love her :)