Happy Pink Halloween!!!

Happy Pink Saturday my SpArKlY FrIenDs!!!
Heres wishing you a deelightfully candy laden Halloween!!!

Here are the Lawn Ghosts to help give out candy!

And here are some fun pics for you!
Catwoman Makeup I did
Baby dressing up!

Spooky Porch lights

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Repost : Halloween Lawn Ghosts!

Hello My Sparkly Friends!I have had so many requests for this tutorial I am reposting
it for now and will repost my new improved ones soon!
Here is a fun outdoor decoration to make
which will 
have your neighbors
talking for weeks!

They are super easy peasy to make...

Just get yourself some:
Cheap Plastic Drop Cloths

White paper, newspaper
or even leaves to stuff the heads

6 or 8 Lengths of rebar- 3 to 4 feet high

Clear packing tape

a bunch of older outdoor white
Christmas Lights with a long extension cord

 1.  Hammer your rebar into the ground 
in a circle formation

2. Cut lengths of drop cloth double the height you want your ghosts

3.  Form the head by balling up paper.  When you have a large enough ball place in center of stretched out dropcloth section.

4.  Gather the  drop cloth and cover the paper forming a head, almost as if you were covering a lollypop

5.  Place "head" of rebar and wrap packing tape around plastic to form neck.

6.  Randomly cut up from the bottom of the plastic to form ribbons

7.  Gather at the waist area and tape again
Your ghosts should now look like armless
lollypop dolls at this point.

8.  Cut several long strips of dropcloth to form arms.
These are crisscrossed and tied arround chest area, then each "hand end" is knotted to the next ghost's "hand end" to look like they are holding hands.

9.  Place your heap of lights on the center and plug in!

You can keep these up thru Christmas-
Just add wings and string the lights around them
and they
Just don't forget the aluminum foil halos:) 

and here is some pink,
since it is 
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Happy Belated Pink Saturday!!!

Hello my Sparkly Friends!
Well I woke up this morning and realized I had SLEPT thru Pink Saturday!!
We flew back from California on a red Eye Friday night, and I guess i was more tired than I had thought!
So I will leave you with a simple pink saturday image-
The Effect of Napa Valley
on Pixies

Hope you have a Sparkly day!!!

Just Taking A Napa! Wine Country and Bad Thyroid meds...

Hello My Sparkly Friends!
Happy Columbus day!
I am in Napa Valley on a Vine-cation
with my hubs and his sis and her hubs.
We flew in on Saturday, and have been sight-drinking  seeing non stop since we got here.

I am finally feeling better...
note to self:  Never have your Thyroid Medication
changed right before you go away on vacation!!!
My doc switched me from Synthroid to Armour
and my eyes were swollen almost  shut and
my feet blew up so bad I had
CANKLES for the first time in my life!
I was miserably tired.
I finally googled my symptoms with Thyroid and
found that many people are allergic to Armour Thyroid meds.
Now I am back on Synthroid and Cytomel.
If you ever have the same problems and are taking Armour, get off it right away!!!

Here is a Winery built to look like a castle.  It was so pretty... and impressive.
The wine??  Not so much, but the tour was fun!
So far we have been to Sterling- Very nice, great tour
                              Mondavi- Excellent Tour, exquisite tasting, Great wine!
       Charle Krug- Great tasting!!!Great Wine!!!
Franciscan-Ok tasting, Nice Wine.
    And now i am having a blackout.... hee hee- possibl;y wine induced!
Tomorrow is the Wine train, I will tell you all about it!

Money Can't buy Happiness, but it can Buy You Some "Fat-Ass Fudge"!

Hello my Sparkly Friends, and Happy Pink Saturday!

This is the second Pink Saturday of Breast cancer Awareness month,
and today I bought myself a
Pink Key!

So you may be wondering-
"Hey Tobi... Why the Potty mouth??"
Please excuse me Gentle readers, as
the term 
"Fat Ass Fudge"
is actually the name of this totally
amazingly delicious 

I assure you that one bite will have you


which will result in you eating massive quantities of the stuff,

Which will then result in...

You guessed it...

I met the owner, 
at my local 
Whole Foods the other day,
and I guess I was
drawn in by the naughtyness of it all.

well, that-
and the fact that anything called
has my vote and is always
worthy of a tasting.
So taste I did,
and as the lovely 
(Shown above)

performed a stand-up comedy schpeel
about her fudge,
which had me rolling on the floor-
when all I really wanted to tell her was

"Donna, my dear-
You had me at "Fat Ass"

but alas ,
my mouth was full
of the most delightfully smooth
 Fat Ass sweetness one could imagine.

So I bought a chunk
and went to the parking lot 
like a 
weird food junkie
and ate my chunk of 
F_A Fudge
in my car....
all alone...
that sounds like a problem-
Didn't I hear somewhere 
that you should never eat

Oh nevermind, I think that is 
drinking that we are not supposed to do alone.

Well, just so you don't get annoyed that my post about 
has very little to do with Pinkness,
just take a gander at what i was looking at 

Do you see those heavenly rays
streaming out of the clouds???

Methinks the 
got a hold of
Fat A-s
and were expressing their

So please visit
over at 
and you can be a 
parking lot food junkie
just like me!!!

Then, with your mouth full
go over to 
visit all of my lovely pinky friends there!

Hope you have a Fudge Ridden Day!
I mean that in a good way! LOL

Breast cancer Awareness- What Pink Saturday is all About This Month

Hello my Sparkly Friends,
I have been procrastinating like mad today.
Why? you may ask.
Because we have to write about
 Cancer Awareness 
I really Hate Cancer.
I hate thinking about it.
I hate writing about it.

When it comes to cancer, I am an emotional Ostrich
 with my
head in the sand.
Maybe if I pretend it's not there it will just
go away.

It makes me think of watching my parents succumb to it,
and I feel guilty.
And I feel sad
I hate when people leave.
I feel guilty cause I wish I had made
better use of our time together.
But I was too busy trying to pretend there was nothing wrong.
What a Dummy.

Thank heavens the rest of the world isn't like me
when it comes to 

That's what Cancer Awareness 
is all about-
getting our heads 
out of the sand
doing something about it.

Talking about it.

Raising money to fund more research. 

And stop procrastinating
Blogging about it...
Even if it 

Cancer Really Stinks...
Let's Help Stop It.

So here is my Pink Addition
My Beloved
Pink Saturday

Yep, they're
Pink Poodle Trees.

And I just ate strawberry jam
right out of the jar
with a spoon.
(Well it is pink you know)

So please go visit our lovely hostess
to spread the pink word
I will be washing the
sand out of 
my feathers hair :)