When did I become an Aging Avatar??

Hello my sparkly friends!

So I was on this website the other day where you create avatars of yourself and friends.  It was most certainly fun to do, but it was also kind of a bummer.
As I was doing my face, I had to choose of course my eye shape and color, face shape etc.- but then it got to adding
 age lines character details and I wasn't so very happy. lol
I know it shouldn't bother me and I am perfectly happy with me...but to be honest really deep down it does bother me.
My face is telling me "Hey Tobester, you are human.  You are over the half way mark babe- you have lived more years than you have left... " you know the drill.
I read about women who love this phase of life- I wish I could feel as enthusiastic as they do.  Don't get me wrong- I have so much I am thankful for  and am blessed in so many ways. 
I just want my mind to stop dwelling... I thank God that I don't have unlimited financial resources so i don't have to worry about being one of those plastic surgery over-doers.
I do find myself daydreaming just a little after the Lifestyle Lift commercial comes on though...
I really want those stupid wrinkles and my silly jawline not to matter in my head.
Doing the avatar thingy has me feeling a bit more comfortable with my "changes", and it is actually fun to put myself in cartoons with my family and
 see what 
a unique "goof"
 I can be.

So I am curious- is this happening to you or has it happened and how do you or did you deal with it?
I bet that maybe there are a bunch of women out there that feel like I do.
Do you?

Tell me about it-
leave a comment!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies


Hello My Sparkly Friends!
Since I can't play Bingo,
I will be teaching again at Artful Gathering online art retreat again this year,
and this year I am teaching
how to make 
Wands and

I adore crowns... that's kinda random
 but I really do. 
This is was the first crown I have made so far,
I will also be doing a beaded one, a paper one and a few soldered wands for the class.
If you have any suggestions of any other types of crowns 
YOU would like to see,
 please leave me a comment below- or just say hi!
Thanks so much for stopping by:)
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies

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