2014 Lawn Ghost Tutorial!!! NEW IDEAS!!


Hello my SpaRkLy FriEnds!
Halloween is just around the corner
 and here are a few new ideas on making my lawn ghosts!
My Lawn ghost tutorial has had over 90,000 viewers since I first posted it in 2010!

Here are the new ones! 

 These ghosties more frilly and vintage.

 And I had them hold hands in a semi circle instead of a ring.

I also added a cutie patootie sitting on my bench,

And two Victorian gals wandering off to the woods.
I totally love these little Fairy ghosts!


Plastic drop cloths from the Paint section of the hardware store
Iron Rebar in various lengths (Concrete section of hardware store)
Clear packing tape
Paper or fallen leaves to form head
Plastic grocery bags to stuff paper in to form head



 1.  Hammer your rebar into the ground 
in a circle formation

2. Cut lengths of drop cloth double the height you want your ghosts

3.  Form the head by balling up paper.  You can stuff paper or fallen leaves or shredded junkmail into white plastic grocery bags (double it) preferably without printing.  If they are printed then turn them inside out, or use a white plastic small garbage bag.

 When you have a large enough ball place in center of stretched out drop cloth section.

4.  Gather the  drop cloth and cover the paper forming a head, almost as if you were covering a lollypop

5.  Place "head" of rebar and wrap packing tape around plastic to form neck.

6.  Randomly cut up from the bottom of the plastic to form ribbons

7.  Gather at the waist area and tape again
Your ghosts should now look like armless
lollypop dolls at this point.

8.  Cut several long strips of drop cloth to form arms.
These are crisscrossed and tied around chest area, then each "hand end" is knotted to the next ghost's "hand end" to look like they are holding hands.

9.  Place your heap of lights on the center and plug in!

You can keep these up thru Christmas-
Just add wings and string the lights around them
and they
Just don't forget the aluminum foil halos:) 
If you wish to repost or add to pinterest- 
please don't forget to credit us!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!


  1. Love this idea, too cute ;-)


  2. Tobi, when I first saw these ghosts and read your tutorial a few years ago, I ran right out, bought the supplies and made some for myself...and they were such a hit! This ghostly idea of yours is just fabulous! xo

  3. What a gorgeous yard for such a scrumptious idea!

  4. When you make these on the day of halloween, you can add a 24 hour glow stick inside, which gives them a ghostly glow.