Bumble Bees Have Feelings too!

Pink saturday Bee
That's what I have to keep 
telling myself every time one flies by me
 so i don't freak out like a crackhead and start running and flapping my arms.

Bees have feelings.
Wasps have feelings....
I wasn't thinking that three weeks ago when I had to "call someone" to have our wasp problem taken care of. 
 I confess my sparkly friends-
I hired a hit-man
"take care of a situation".
By situation I mean "not being able to go in and out of my house or car without being bullied by a flying stinging pissed off insect."
Wasps... Hate em.
Wasps are like
 Midlife crisis Men Driving Corvettes...
You really just need to stay away from them!
Back to WASPS-
I know, I know- all life is to be respected and even scary wasps are part of the ecosystem.
not that many-
-living in every orifice of my house-
-coming into my bedroom uninvited even though all of my windows are shut-
-trying to nest in my car door.
So needless to say I still felt tremendously guilty watching my gun for hire neutralize my situation.
Which brings me to Bumble bees.
I had a chance yesterday to do a good deed for a relative of those wasps yesterday
and I did!
I helped some Bumble bees.
Furry, chubby fat black and yellow bumbles, nesting in my garden.
You see, I was making this really swell circular bed
and picked up the fountain statue from my front bed
and heard a multiple buzzing sound.
I knew what that meant.
I carefully went over to where my statue had been
and there was a 
bumble bee nest
newly exposed.

A funny thing happened...
Instead of freaking out, I felt bad for those 
little rolly polly chubsters.
I went and got an empty flower pot
and gave it to them.
 Heck- I was feeling so happy that I even 
gave them a handful of tree stuff to help plug the holes.
 Look at this adorable little bumble creeping around to find stuff to shore up the nest!

 So I feel like I am a little closer to becoming
stinging insect tolerant.
At least
I know my flowers are happy...
Ok, I am too!

So Have a Sparkly Day my friends!!

And a VERY
to Miss Beverly
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

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  1. Glad the bumblebees are safe. :)

  2. I know just how you feel!! LOL!! Funny story!! Loving the music!!!I feel like prancing around the room!!

  3. Hi Tobi.... What a good little pixie girl you are. saving the day for bees. That was a wonderful deed. I devise wasps, but bees are great!

  4. You are a very good Pixie! I was thinking of y upcoming knee scope surgery and I tohught I have to find a cute little pixie or fairy to sit at my side! So I am off....to try and find a friend!
    We have a wasp problem at work and they will not take care of it. Those critters come thru the cracks in the windows and into our patient waiting area! EEEwww.... The bees are good and you were very kind! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. Hugs Anne

  5. Well, gardeners love having bees around so you did a good thing saving their little hive. I am following you back. Thanks for visiting.

  6. Your blog title is so cute ~~~~

    Pearl 13.1

  7. I adore your blog! I have been here before, but yesterday I saw it in a whole new way! xoxo

  8. You are a true fairy god mother to the bees, I love when poeple help the little creatures!