So Much To be Grateful For...

Hello My Sparkly Friends!
I have been away for a while and have missed you so!
It has been a busy year, last summer was my daughter Ashley's wedding here at my house, 

I rested a bit and then went into full blown Christmas mode with my trees for Ebay and Etsy

 and while I was doing that I was also redecorating my dining room and kitchen! Decorated for Christmas and left my tree up till the last week of January... and only took it down because I was hosting an engagement party for thirty people the day after Valentines! 

In between, I found my sparkle needed a bit of re-Sparkling, so I did a few soul restoring e classes, my favorite being a Chakra balancing course, which I highly recommend to anyone trying to deal with life and past emotional stuff or illness stuff that gets in the way of bringing your dreams to fruition!
I am now getting ready to begin an online business class to get my many businesses focused and productive, as well as shooting my online classes for the  Artful Gathering Retreat this June!
More to come...
Yes, I have a lot to be grateful for!  
What are YOU grateful for?
Please share!!

Sparkly Hugs and kisses,
Tobi and the Pixies!

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  1. What fun parties and pinky Christmas delights! I'm hosting a bridal shower at the end of March with a chalkboard and burlap theme/décor. I am thankful for my "arriving any-minute-now" grandson, four years in the making!! HPS, Lorraine

  2. oh my, as soon as I saw your blog my jaw dropped. too much sparkly wonderful-ness!! I am staying and having a look around!! (visiting from the Pink Saturday party)

  3. Your daughter looks beautiful and all your decorating.....I have always been a fan of your tree creations...lots of pink and sparkly. HPS Michelle

  4. Oh my, your daughter is gorgeous! And it's easy to see that your gardens do NOT need my help. Seriously, everything looks beautiful! Your trees are just gorgeous! What talent you have.

  5. I hope this means Your back blogging :) at least for now.So happy to see You posted.I was really surprised You have a daughter old enough for marriage,you look so young Yourself.The wedding and Your daughter look beautiful.It was so good seeing Your sparkle back, I had checked several times and thought You had given up blogging.Blessings to You and Your family-Denise

  6. Your daughter is so very gorgeous! You look to young to have one that is old enough to get married! Your creations are absolutely gorgeous! xoxo

  7. What a busy year you have had! Always a pleasure to see your creations. Not surprised to see you are an awesome hostess too. Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. You have been a VERY busy Fairy Elf ! Everything so beautiful and sparkly, including your daughter.
    My blessings are many and I'm grateful for all of them but my loving family most of all.
    Happy Pink Saturday !

  9. Such a beautiful wedding! And your little pieces of art are truly magical. Happy Pink Saturday! Marti

  10. Yes, HAVE had a busy year.....and that's a GOOD thing. :)
    Happy Pinks...

  11. Hi Sweetie! You HAVE been a busy bee...and a very sparkly one at that!!! Your beautiful daughter's wedding looked sooo lovely! Your new kitchen is so pretty, and all those Christmas trees you make are just so girly and adorably wonderful!!! Looking forward to seeing much more of you this coming year. So nice to see you back!!! xoxo