Welcome to My New Blog Look!!

Hello my Sparkly Friends!
I know it has been ages- I have been struggling on "cleaning up" my blog as it had gotten so cluttered over the years.  I really loved my old design, I just wanted something more modern and easier to read!  I hope you like this new design- I am feeling refreshed and happy :)
I updated all of my blogs, so if you go take a peek, you will find the fresh look there too!
I think I have finally found a nice format that organizes my varied interests and things I like to talk about.
Please check them out as well if you have a chance, and do let me know what you think... good OR bad!!! LOL
I have been working hard at consolidating and organizing all facets of my life lately.  It has been challenging to say the least!  I turned 55 this year and really felt the need to focus on what I truly love.  The funny thing is that I love so many things, and there are so many sides of me and of life that I enjoy, it is hard to just do one thing!  So in my other blogs, you will see all of the different sides of me.  Gardener, Impatient Farmgirl, Decorator, Artist, Makeup Artist, Wife, Mother, Sister, Teacher...
I hope you enjoy everything!
Thanks so much for stopping by:)
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies

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