I miss my little munchkin!!!

I said goodbye to my daughter Ashley this Tuesday,
she moved to Strobl, Austria (Pictured above) to start a new chapter in her life.
She has been staying with me for a month now, so it has been really hard to stop crying because everything I do now reminds me of her.
I am so happy for her even if it is sad for me cause I miss her so much.  That is why the video in my Pink Saturday Post (The next post after this one) was so inspiring for me.  It really put things in perspective and helped to remind me to not get so caught up in my thoughts and to really appreciate that I still have her even if she is so far away.  I talk to her on Skype and see her little face so very happy to be there and her beau so happy that his love is now with him.  I try to get myself excited that I will get to visit her in her new beautiful country! 

 I am still feeling a little blue though, I think I may be starting "The Changes" as they say cause I am such a weepy Pixie.  Does menopause make you an emotional train wreck? I will be 50 this January 21st so I guess it's about time.
 I am hoping that I can use that as excuse for my..
um... "Colorful Mood Swings?.. .

I am so very grateful for all of you, my sparkly bloggy sisters.  In the few short months that I have been blogging, I have fallen in love with having this "bloggy family" I honestly don't know how I managed before!
Thank you all for being out there, and being my friend.


  1. First off, in looking at your picture and then reading your daughter going off to another country...I am like - did the kids dad move and she decided to go or what ... you don't look old enough to have a daughter that can move. 50??? wow, I am 53 and I thought you were in your late 30's maybe 40! Mood swings are part of motherhood, I've decided. I don't think my menopause moodswings were any different than the ones I had when my boys were in difficult times or moving further away from me due to life changes. Celebrate her independence, you have obviously raise a self-confident and reliant gal or she wouldn't have the courage to move across the ocean - guy or no guy! You can cry - it's okay. It's all good!
    hugs, dana

  2. Ah Tobi...I feel for you honey! I just turned 50 last month and I think I understand your question about menopause...cause I see to have more mood swings...AND not just once a month...just ask my DH...he doesn't know which way to turn lately ;) ALSO we have had some changes in our family with my son moving away last Sept. after getting married in June to start his new career with his new wife. You just feel like you don't know where to put your ARMS...cause your kids aren't there to hug. DH felt the same way...very empty. It does get easier but not really better...just can't go back I know. Now we are waiting for grandbabies ;) For a while DH would hand me a glass of red wine when I'd get stressed...BUT that just got me FAT so he knows better now...lol Blogging is a big help for me as well cause it keeps me busy and fulfilled. Hope this helps, fondly, Roberta

  3. I left my parents to move overseas after I got married. It's hard all around but you can visit, right? And thank God for new technology like Skype that keeps you close while apart.
    Take care,
    Shellie and Brutus

  4. Been there, done it! Know it! Just keep smiling! Being a woman is so complicated! I had a total hysterectomy when my baby was 3 years old! I have had all the classic menopause symptoms since then! My mother use to say "Life is hard, pray harder". I try to take her advice and some days it is tough. But I have continued living with all the crazy hot flashes, mood swings etc. Just pray and get good medical advice too! Hugs Anne

  5. Oh my gosh...such a big step, I remember crying when my little girl went to camp for cryin out loud, I can't even imagine what it would feel like for her to move so far away. She is 23 now and has a steady boyfriend so the next step could be marriage, that may happen soon than I realize I think. I will be 48 in a couple of weeks and I already have the mood swings and the weepyness as you know...!
    I would never have imagined your age...you look fabulous, your daughter is a strong woman, if she is anything like her mama and I know that it will all work out in the end!
    Take care of yourself and thank you for being there for me when you were in such a situation yourself...you are amazing!
    Happy weekend xOxO Nerina

  6. I hope I look like you when I'm 50! Unfortunately, I don't think it's in my genes :(

    Strobl was where my parents took me on my first holiday abroad, I was 9 months old! The people there are lovely, I'm sure your daughter will be made very welcome and will settle in very happily. Bright side = lots of skiing holidays!


  7. Tobi...The hardest part of being a parent is giving our kids the tools to lead their own lives. It is a double edged sword. I cannot believe that you will be 50....you look magnificent. Have a lovely weekend.
    xxoo Valarie