Pink Halloween!

Hello My SpaRkLy FrIeNds!
Happy Pink Saturday to you!
It's a well known fact that
me and the Pixies
to create
Pretty, sparkly, frilly,
frou frou
here at the
Pink Pixie Forest.

My daughter Ashley inherited mom's creativity and
love of all things
with one exception-

Ashley likes to take pink pretty things
and add her own
UniQue, Special
She likes to make them scary.

Ok, Let me "splain"!

Ash is a huge fan of classic
Horror Movies.
Following in my footsteps, she trained to be a
Special Effects Makeup Artist.
When she asked me to help her open an Etsy Shop
for her
New Line Of
Vintage Inspired Aprons...
I was thrilled!
We went and got cute Cherry Fabric with a
Pink Background,
and that night I went to sleep while
she was downstairs busy on the sewing machine creating her
first Apron!!

It was a classic hostess apron
with a red ribbon edging and cute bows and
that Pink Cherry Fabric.
When I awoke the next morning,
I ran downstairs to see her creation
and much to my surprise
Her apron had a shocking and unusual twist...

Here's how the conversation went:

me: "Um, Ashley... why are the Cherries bleeding?"

Ash: "Because it's called "Cherry Pie Massacre"

me: "Why would anyone want to kill a cherry?"

Ash: "Who says anyone "Killed them"?? 
 Maybe they just got together and decided to dress up for Halloween!  
You know Mom, even sweet cherries like to dress up.
Besides, you have no idea how many people out there LOVE this kind of stuff! There is an entire subculture of horror movie fans that will buy anything having to do with it."

me: "Are you kidding me?? More people like pretty girly things... and making sweet cherries bleed is just... wrong. You are starting to scare me!"

She just rolled her eyes and went over to her mac and googled "psychobilly" on Etsy which I guess is Rockabilly people that like horror movies.

To my surprise, there were THOUSANDS of products and hundreds of Etsy Shops that catered to lovers of horror movies and Monsters!

To these people,
Halloween is All Year Long!
Go figure.

Here is another one of her 

Although I would never think of making a Cherry
I do think she is really creative... even if she doesn't put glitter on things!
And she will absolutely make a regular Pretty Apron special order
sans the frightful stuff!

Her Etsy Shop is called

Go visit her and see her other 
Ghostly Creations

And as always, head on over to
for more
Un Scary Pinkaliciousness!


  1. Good Morning Tobi Sweetie...
    What pinkness and scariness you have about today. Halloween is coming, and Ashley is so ready. Please thank her for sharing her beautiful designs with me today. They are very creative and original. Yes she is right so many folks out there absolutely adore this stuff. I would rather have mine with no cherries oozing though.

    You are both so talented sweetie. You are going to have to run fast, I believe she is right on your heels.

    I pray you have a beautiful weekend. You are so loved sweetie. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  2. Don't get me wrong. I do love the cherries. THe scary apron is different. I like the second one best. HPS and have a good weekend.

  3. LOL Tobi, these girls have a mind of their own, I know, I have two myself! All I could think of when I saw the first Apron was the skit from SNL a long time ago, the one where Julia Child cuts herself and blood goes squirting across the set, non stop! Have a wonderful pink weekend, Nan

  4. I love the apron..the girls do too! This is right up their alley. I think it's cute. My style? Depends on the day I guess!! I'd wear it! It definitely cute!

  5. Oh, these aprons are great - I can appreciate the ART since I have quite a creative kid myself! He's making guitars right now out of vintage cigar boxes - and an amp out of a bank that looks like a safe. These kids are very creative!

  6. Pink and Halloween-love them both!

  7. Hi Tobi, Happy Pink Saturday, I featured you on my Post today, tell your little artist that there is a group out there that does strictly Halloween and she would fit right in it is called EHAG as I have a neighbor who does all that stuff. Her aprons would be great for Halloween party hostess, Your blog is beautiful as is your work. Don't forget about Fancy Nancy for my Grandaughter's 5th January Birthday! Pinky Hugs!

  8. visiting from PS. I say Ashley is probably right, my sister sells on etsy and she told me there are ALL kinds of people. Good luck with the new store.

  9. I am so ready for fall and Halloween. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  10. LOL, Happy belated Pink Day. To each their own.

  11. Your daughter is very talented and the halloween cherries are very cute.

  12. Those are great! Miss soda icy pop would love them! Wow I am so far behind!!! I have missed you lots my sparkle crack! How was your summer? Love the new blog! KAren is amazing! it is so sparkly wonderful!

    luvs and glitter