Happy Belated Pink Saturday!!!

Hello my Sparkly Friends!
Well I woke up this morning and realized I had SLEPT thru Pink Saturday!!
We flew back from California on a red Eye Friday night, and I guess i was more tired than I had thought!
So I will leave you with a simple pink saturday image-
The Effect of Napa Valley
on Pixies

Hope you have a Sparkly day!!!


  1. Hello Happy Pink Saturday! - I am catching up on as many as I can - love the pink tree - the story and the sleeping pixie!

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!! Happy PS and here is to some rest.
    cheers, dana

  3. I'm a day late but really enjoyed your pink pixie. Happy Pink Saturday.

  4. Hope you're getting over your jet lag, pixie girl! xoxox

  5. Tobi,There is a big age gap between us,even so,we are alot alike in so many ways.Please take a min.and read my profile,stop by my blog to "meet"me.So many kindred spirits out there and we dont even know it.Your site is enchanting.Thank you

  6. Tobi, I would love your music on my ipod. Please could you tell me what it is?

  7. Hello my favorite pink pixie, I have missed you so..... come visit. I am better.
    Love ya, Debbie

  8. I'm in love with all your sparkle! What a lovely blog! I am your newest follower on GFC. Would love a follow back! Come on over to the farm and visit when you get a chance!

  9. You know what maybe so, of course I'm the older sister! I love decorating and coloring my trees, I am trying to get some done this weekend. It sure does look like we like very much the same things, I believe I am one of your followers if not i will make sure I am !! Hugs and pixie kisses, Diane