Just Taking A Napa! Wine Country and Bad Thyroid meds...

Hello My Sparkly Friends!
Happy Columbus day!
I am in Napa Valley on a Vine-cation
with my hubs and his sis and her hubs.
We flew in on Saturday, and have been sight-drinking  seeing non stop since we got here.

I am finally feeling better...
note to self:  Never have your Thyroid Medication
changed right before you go away on vacation!!!
My doc switched me from Synthroid to Armour
and my eyes were swollen almost  shut and
my feet blew up so bad I had
CANKLES for the first time in my life!
I was miserably tired.
I finally googled my symptoms with Thyroid and
found that many people are allergic to Armour Thyroid meds.
Now I am back on Synthroid and Cytomel.
If you ever have the same problems and are taking Armour, get off it right away!!!

Here is a Winery built to look like a castle.  It was so pretty... and impressive.
The wine??  Not so much, but the tour was fun!
So far we have been to Sterling- Very nice, great tour
                              Mondavi- Excellent Tour, exquisite tasting, Great wine!
       Charle Krug- Great tasting!!!Great Wine!!!
Franciscan-Ok tasting, Nice Wine.
    And now i am having a blackout.... hee hee- possibl;y wine induced!
Tomorrow is the Wine train, I will tell you all about it!


  1. Wow - looks like you're having a great time! *hiccup* ;)

    Embrace the cankles! Oh never mind...that advice was for ME...since I'm stuck with them...as they're not a nasty side effect of my medication...they're where my FAT has decided to collect!

  2. Hey Tobi, what a great place to vacation, it looks beautiful!
    About your Thyroid, my doc never told me I should not take the generic of Synthroid so I did, for about a year. My thyroid got so messed up from taking the generic I developed a goiter and by the time I got to an endocrinologist, my levels were the highest she had ever seen. It has taken over a year to get it straightened out. What are "cankles"? LOL, I have never heard that before!