She's Baaaack!!

Hello my sparkly friends!
So here is a bit of what I was up to while I was taking a break from blogging.
I painted a bit..

I taught a Couple of online classes at Artful Gathering last summer...

I got Plantar Faciitis, tendonitis, and had my Parathyroid removed, got bit by 2 ticks and thought i had Lymes... but after all that I am better now.  I still have problems walking sometimes, but things seem to be on the mend.
I learned how not to take my health for granted.
I adopted and fell in love with a bunch of Kewpie Flapper dolls, and started turning them into angels.

And got 2 teeth pulled to make room for 2 implants- OUCH!!
Oh- and I discovered how to make a BitMoji of myself.... Complete with age lines!!

There's more, but I am tired so goodnight for now!!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!

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  1. You are very talented and creative. All the things you shared so original. I do not like going to the dentist. So far, have not had to go through what you are. May it all go well for you.

  2. Love your angel dolls with the rhinestones, they are gorgeous and adorable
    Seen you on Pink Saturday

  3. Those are the sweetest little Kewpie angels! Makes me smile.