A Beautiful Lesson In Swapping!

WOO HOO!!!!!!

I got my May Day Tussie Mussie Swap in the mail today from my Pixie lovin Partner Michelle Cummings at Faery Dust dreams and boy did I learn a lot about swapping! When I tell you this package had me as excited as a kid on Christmas morning would be an understatement!
It all started with the package outside:

WARNING: THIS POST IS LONGER THAN MY ENTIRE BLOG!!! MICHELE SENT ME SO MUCCH stuff, anything less would be ungrateful!
Here are a few of her lovely cards- that is beautiful Michelle in a tiara- she loves tiaras! Dang, I forgot to make her one!

MMMMMM, Yummy LAVENDER twigs that smell divine...
And the most fun and unique confetti.........
Next came a series of small packages in the colors of the rainbow! First Up: PURPLE

Velvet flowers, beaded daisies, buttons, blossoms.............really cool purple yarny stuff......
YAY! Flutterby and Dragonfly stamps for meeeeeeeeeeeee........

Next up: BLUE!
How did she know I LOVE PLASIC BALLERINA cake decorations?? And PAPER ROSES!!!
Just look at this awesome glitterbird!

Now for GREEN!
Flower Faerie, Paper Parasol, butterfly and............
The CUTEST little acorn pin cushions!
How stinkin cute is this Ruby Bird sitting on a pot scrubber nest?? With a crown even!! She sells them in her shop!
A Bead Encrusted Pen, Red Felt, Magic Mushrooms...no, not that kind!!!
And a GLITTER PLATFORM SHOE which my little pixie just had to ride!
YEE HAW! Ride um Pixie!
But wait BOB, There's more!

Beauty of a Bird and Butterfly
Ginormous Diamond Bling Ring!
All kinds of altered art "FIXINS"
More cool YARNEY STUFF! This time in...you guessed it...PINK!
And I havent even gotten to the TUSSIE MUSSIE YET!

Here she is being all "MODEST"
Hello Mussie!
Isn't she just GLAMOROUS?
Hand sewn and stuffed with goodies, she is a WORK OF ART! Just look at the detail.....
This woman is uber cool and crafty!
And here's what was inside!!!
Tiny tiara and sceptre - Pixeeee sized!
Tres Adorable birdnest charm with freshwater pearls... on top of one of the many beautiful paper flowers
Tobi sized wand and Tiara, with more of the lovely paper flowers.....
Woo Hoo- glitterm me up baby! Jen, you NEED to have some of this glitteratzi!
And lastly, A BUTTERFLY KITE.......... And get this:
IT REALLY FLIES!!!! BAAA HAAAA HHAAAAAA!!! Who writes this stuff???
Thank you Michelle, from the bottom of my heart! Everything was lovely, and your attention to detail is spot on! You taught me a lot about swapping, and I hope others get inspired by your attention to detail and how you bless your partners with your incredible talent!
The Pixies are all bickering about who gets what!

Sparkly Hugs,Tobi and the Pixies!


  1. I'm so glad you liked everything! and glad you posted photo's of it all! I actually added more things after I had taken photo's of everything!
    My studio is organized by color with great big 14X17 stacking drawers that hold it all. So it was super easy and fun to "shop" for you with all that I had and 'collect'.... :)

  2. I loved this swap! I am so glad you got a wonderful swap partner!! Wonderful treasures. Grace

  3. Why would I be upset? This a blog of sparkles and laughter. No worries Tobi...you're a sweet person! Cheers...

  4. Looks like I really missed out on something wonderful. You got alot of really cool things.

  5. Oh my gosh - tons of cute stuff!!! That birdnest charm is about the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!!

  6. Wow did you score! Woo Hoo!I especially love the birds nest charm. Gorgeous.

    Thank you for linking this post to Woo Hoo! Wednesday and joining the party!

  7. That is one more great package! Looks like every glittering color of the rainbow. How fun!

  8. Aren't you lucky!! Christmas in May! Sparkles and crowns....could life get any better?

  9. WOW!tobie, you sure got a lot of cute stuffs. What a talented artist Michelle is. Have a good week. Nancy

  10. Really fun! Love the "ride em pixie", have a great night!

  11. What a great swap partner you had! All your things are gorgeous and fun. I know you are a happy camper.

  12. Now thats what I call a haul. Lucky you!
    Just stopped by to Thank you for entering my giveaway. best of luck!

  13. What a treasure trove! No doubt the pixies are going to be having some late nights with all this sparkly loot.