May Day Tussie Mussie Swap!

Hello my SpaRkLy Friends! I wish you all a Happy May Day!
So, me and the Pixies joined this "May Day Tussie Mussie Swap" from A Swap For All Seasons and our mission was to create a Tussie Mussie for our partner after finding our about her and the things that she loves. My partner was Michelle Cummings from Faerie Dust Dreams and she told me that if she were a fairy, she would not be a sweet shabby chic kinda fairy, she would be a gypsy fairy. So I had to put away my frou frou ribbons and lace and figure out a different approach! She loves birds, and I saw on her wish list somewhere that she wanted a book on antique postage stamps or something of that nature. So Here is what I came up with:

First off, I had to make a Tussie Mussie. Okay, what on earth is a tussie mussie and what do you do with it?! I looked at a bunch of pictures and came up with this design that i thought looked like it came from the forest. Having never made one before, it came out rather large- it is more like a MONSTER MUSSIE on steroids and made my "note to self" be: If I ever do one of these again, I will first remember that i will need to ship it and I don't want to have to make a box next time! It was too big to photograph in it's entirety, so here are my "parts" and you can put it together in your head. :)

Next up is a gift tag (my first one!) with a little flower topped vial of gypsy like spicy woodsy perfume oil. It's hard to tell everything apart, but maybe when Michelle posts her pics of it she can separate it so you can see it better!
Here is a group photo of several gift elements: A bag of feathers, a pile of antique pages from a book from England about postage at the time from all over the world, some birdie prints for her art.

Here is the little Pixie bird house that the pixies adorned for her with pebbles, irridescent glass blobs, beads and of course...GLITTER cause Pixies glitter everything!
Michelle told me she loves owls, so i made her one from a rock and twigs and yes...GLITTER

Here is a box topped with a nest! The nest is wire angel hair.

The feathers. The grey and red ones are from my African Grey Parrot named POPEYE.
Michelle adores Halloween, so I gave her a jump with these little guys I made for her
Well, that's about it! Sorry for posting this a day late, I was waiting for my package from Michelle but it will probably come on Monday. Her little guy has a peanut allergy and was in the hospital so she was delayed in posting. Please keep them in your prayers!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!


  1. Good Morning Tobie Sweetie...
    OMG I so adore your tussie mussie that you made with such love for Michelle. She is getting the best of the best. What a treasure. I love all the blues OMG it is over the top gorgeous sweetie.

    I love the little bird house from the pixies. They are just the best at making such happiness. Love it, love it, love it. Please tell them for me.

    I love the little Halloween treasures that you also made for her. So darn cute. You are so talented sweetie.

    I love those feathers that Popeye was so gracious to share. My dining room is red and it is my very favorite color. Love the red sweetie.

    Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday. May it be filled with sunshine and happiness.

    Country hugs and much love...Sherry

  2. R u kidding? This is so this was one of my favorite do and to receive. I love this tussie mussie...I kept calling it a cone! lol Thanks for sharing Grace

  3. Goodness! What unique and wonderful tussie mussie!!
    I think it is just so lovely!

  4. The little skulls are my favorite!

    What fascinating designs.

  5. Oh my ! So beautiful. I have never seen anything more lovely ! hugs and love, joey

  6. Beautiful creations and loving your color combinations. Your projects are inspiring!

  7. wow! These are all lovely! And the colours match your blog perfectly - I'm sure that wasn't deliberate but it's a definite added bonus!

  8. Oh my gosh - I love those little halloween gems!! SO stinkin' cute!!!

    (And thanks for the link.....I loved "It's not a thong"!!!!!! Baaahahaahaaa!!!!)

  9. Beautiful tussie mussie sweet friend. Your blues and greens are exquisite. Love your posts.