May 22nd...Happy PINK Saturday!!

Happy Pink Saturday my Lovely Pink and Sparkly Friends! Above is my stained glass Pink and Blue Fairy who greets me every morning with the sunlight streaming through her wings.
Below is the sweetest little Vintage baby dress and jacket- on a little pink vintage hanger.
Here is the under dress or slip- I am not sure what it's proper name is but it has darling hand made teeny tiny lace which I am sure has a proper name as well...
Baaaahaaaaa! Here is me in a pink turtleneck at age 17 when we lived upstate NY in Eldred! I keep it on my dresser to inspire me to eat more veggies and less donuts because you can actually see my waist!
I started eating only raw vegan food last Sunday which means VEGETABLES ONLY so I won't be doing donuts anytime soon. Funny thing is I don't even miss them. I am doing it cause a lot of my friends are sick and I am 49 and if I don't get healthy now I will probably wind up with diabetes, arthritis or worse. Last week I felt so tired and achey and yucky. The last straw was when Emma Sparklebottom asked me if I was going to dress up like Santa this Christmas! After chasing her around the room with a pixie swatter, she of course out-flew me because I was so out of shape! Now I am happy, peppy and bursting with love- just like in the Odd Couple. Who knew how good apple cider vinegar and honey could make you feel! I've lost 5 pounds in a week and I am not starving myself which hasn't happened since I was a teenager! Let me know if you want me to post more info on what I am eating.

Now please hop on over to Miss Beverly at How Sweet The Sound to see all of the other Pinkies!! Thank you Miss Beverly for Hosting this every week!

Sparkly Hugs,Tobi and the Pixies!


  1. Good Morning Fairy Tobi...
    Love looking at your sparkly site.
    It's never too late to try getting healthy!
    I'm still drawn to those donuts :D

  2. HPS!!

    I just adore that gorgeous stained glass fairy!!

    I too have to lost weight to get healthy but with me working night shift and having such a crazy schedule, it is very hard!!


  3. Please post your foods on that diet. My doctor and his family are on it. HPS to you!

  4. Good morning sparkling TobI,
    HPS to you and I love that stainglass fairy. Have a good weekend. Finally warming up here in NY. Sparkly hugs. Nandy

  5. Love the pink fairy today. Thanks for your visit. Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. I love the pink fairy! and what pretty music is playing!


  7. "Chased her around with a pixie swatter"....laughing!!!!!!!! I just knew you looked like a Barbie doll when you were younger! Complete with a Barbie waist!!!

  8. Your stained glass fairy is beautiful!

    Yes, please post what you are eating. Tell me about the cider vinegar and honey!

    BTW, I have an award for you in my blog ☺☺