White Christmas at Pink Pixie Forest

Hello My Sparkly Friends!
My new Holiday Blog Design by Karen Valentine should be up by this evening!!!
Boy are we excited!
It's all white and sparkly!
I am spending today going to the Renaissance festival, and checking out the booth spaces so maybe I can exhibit next year.

And for my Bit'o'Pink
Here is darling
(yep, that's her name)
sporting the latest
Fall Marabou

Mid- Bite
of her 
"Sleepy Cookie"
(the treats I give her and "Baby"
before they go to bed)
And of course,
It wouldn't be 
Pink Saturday
Without some 
Pink Sparkly Stuff!

Soo My Sparkly Friends, Sparkle on over to
to see all our other pinkies in our 

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I will post pics

of the 

Renaissance Festival



  1. Happy Pink Saturday Tobi, Isn't Karen our favorite designer "The Best" your blog is beautiful and I wouldn't expect anything less, all your Pinks are wonderful! Precious is darling , but of course I love all little canines anyway! Have 2 Yorkies myself! Such sweethearts! Pinky Hugs and hope you get your spot a the Festival, have fun! Mailou, Lulus Lovlies

  2. Great new blog design !!

    Simply in love with that pink tree!!!



  3. Karen does a great job, Tobi! I love the picture of the Rennaissance Festival - is it on the island? I was just thinking I'd love to go to one again {haven't been since I was a kid} but that was upstated New York.

  4. Hi Tobi, Happy Pink Saturday! O, I don't even know where to start today. Your new blog look is awesome, second blog redesign I've seen this week that Karen did and did an amazing job at that!
    Second, that pink tree is B-U-T-ful! And your pup is so precious. Have a wonderful time at the fair, it sounds like fun. Hugs and blessings, Nan

  5. What a SWEET & SPARKLY pink post. The Pixie/Faerie tree is absolutely vintage and so decorative for the Holidays.
    OMG...what a sweet little Pom dog. Don't these little girls just capture a person's heart? Our little Cali, is a black miniature and just runs the household. Spoiled to the core!!

    Carol from
    "Good Ol Texas"

  6. What a lovely little dog and wearing pink too. Happy Pink Saturday.

  7. Precious is just "precious" in pink. Your new design is really pretty. Happy PS

  8. pretty sparkly stuffs you got there my friend.Have a good weekend.

  9. I think I must have that pink tree- love it!

    Love your pinks!

    Happy Belated Pink Saturday!
    Maggie Mae @
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"