9/11 Let Us Never Forget

Good Day my SpaRkLy FriEnDs!
So sorry for the late hour of this post.  Today is a day that sits deep in my heart, a day that sits deep inside all of us.
I woke early this morning and did my labyrinth tidying ritual... carefully raking the fallen leaves and twigs from the stones, symbolically envisioning the labyrinth to be my life, and the leaves to be any unwanted things that I don't want to let into my life.  

I wanted the labyrinth (and my mind) clean so I could fully honor all those precious souls.

I then placed my  New York City crystal on a log.

  Ashley had given it to me because it was way too heavy to take to Austria.  It still had the twin towers in it.

I then lit a small healing fire in the fire pit, and prayed and meditated and tried to keep my heart from breaking all over again.

Was it really 9 years ago that I watched the towers crumble, standing there on the corner of 21st street and 6th avenue.  

My little Makeup Shop was on 21st Street.

If any of you are interested to hear of what it was like to be in NYC when it all happened, well here was my experience.

If not, just scroll down and see some pretty new 
trees for Christmas.

Father Mychal Judge
Before I start, I just wanted to share my feeling about how incredible it was that Father Mychal Judge was victim number 0001. I picture his gentle soul  helping all of the frightened and confused souls find the LIGHT. Can you imagine what heavenly confusion it must have been to have all of those souls pass at once?  I truly believe Father Judge was using his heavenly guidance that day.
It was one of the thoughts that kept me going and kept me remembering that 
God has a plan 
even though we might not understand
 or see it right away.

As soon as the first plane hit, I had a strong feeling in my heart that it was no accident.  The second plane confirmed my feeling.  
Being in the city that weekend was totally surreal.
Up where I was nobody was outwardly  panicking yet, and I went straight into survival mode while everyone was still reeling from the shock.  I went quickly to the market and bought armloads of food to bring back to the shop.  I didn't know if the city would be totally shut down, and I wanted to be able to lock myself into the shop, shut off the lights and hope that major looting wouldn't start. 

 I figured if it did, I wouldn't be first on the list because really- 
how many people need makeup to survive?
(Not including Celebrities!)

So I locked myself inside.
While I waited for Ashley,
I just sat in the dark,
in my little Makeup Shop.

I wondered what would happen next.
More tragedies? 
More attacks?
While I sat,
I wondered what would happen to

I honestly thought that my business would be over because of all of this.

How would I take care of Ashley
if my business closed?

I mean, I love makeup and everything, but it is pretty trivial compared to what had just happened. 

As it turned out,
I was really wrong.

September 11th 
turned out to be a huge wake up call for many people all over the world...
"It can all end in a blink of the eye- 
start doing what you love, 
and never 
take even a second
of your
for granted".

Amidst the horror of it all,
we were given a 

a second chance of sorts.
An opportunity to STOP wasting our time

I think that is the single most important way
for us
to honor all of those souls
so that a little good can actually come out of such

And, as promised-
The Pink.

Life in it's fluffy PINKNESS.
Go ahead,
go glue some glitter on something and see how 
it makes you feel!
And lastly,
to my
Love Bunny
Thank you for putting up with me love!
Wrong Love Bunny!
Here he is!
He's gonna surely kill me!
Ah, that's better!

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  1. Beautiful tribute to a horror of a day and time. I am always amazed by Father Mychael and I too believe God has a plan and Mychael was there to ease the way into the light.
    Pink hugs,

  2. Oh My Tobi, I had no idea that you were so close to such tragedy, your crystal is beautiful and your post over this 9/11 is awesome, just about when I was on the edge of tears you cracked me up with the first pic of your faux Hubby, too funny. Happy Pink Saturday and Heartful Hugs, Marilou. PS Fly on over to check out my new blog makeover when you have a chance as we do have the same designer, the Best Karen ever!

  3. I still remember what we were all thinking in the UK when those planes struck the towers. Everyone was crying. One of my friends at college's Dad was in one of the towers but thank heavens he got out alive. I can't even imagine what it would have been like to be there on that day.

    We happened to be in NY on Sept 11th a couple of years ago and saw the first fire station holding a tribute to their lost men, it was heart breaking.

    I hope nothing like this ever happens again.


  4. Thank you for sharing that Tobi...
    Words so true ~ never take a second of your prescious life for granted...

    Photo of hubby was a great LOL today ...

    HUGS ~victoria~

  5. Thank you for sharing this story. You have told it in a way that is poignant but you have also made me realize that life is short and that we need to give thanks for the people we love and cherish. I will be hugging my hubby and kids as soon as I finish typing this.


  6. Beautiful post Tobi, what a life changing experience for you. It is interesting to know someone who was there. I thought the same thing, and more that morning. May God bless you and keep you.

  7. Fabulous story...to be right in the frey must have been crazy!! So glad you came out unscathed, physically anyay! Happy Birthday to the love of your life....you are one blessed soul and I think about you often!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend xOxo Nerina

  8. Beautiful post and blog..
    Thank you Bev's Pink Saturday

  9. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing. Sorry so late getting around for P.S.

  10. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I cannot imagine the fear you experienced that day. I know I was terrified, and I am clear across the states in Colorado. Thank you for sharing.
    xxoo Valarie

  11. Hi Tobi! I was on vacation last week so I missed this post. I'm so glad I stopped by today so I didn't miss your wonderful tribute. I had no idea you were so close to this horrific tragedy. I can not imagine the shock, the terror, the grief you must have experienced. I will NEVER forget what I was doing when all this took place. My own hubby had left DC several hours earlier on a United flight to Holland. I flipped on the TV to hear the newscasters saying something was going on at the World Trade Center, it appeared that a plane of some type hat hit one of the towers. As I was watching all of this unfold, I saw the second plane approaching and started screaming at the TV, turn, turn! At first I thought maybe he couldn't see the building because of the smoke and almost in an instant, I KNEW it was no mistake. Fortunately my hubby had safely landed in Holland by the time all this happened but I was so scared not knowing what was going to happen next and he was on the other side of the world. It was Thursday before we were able to get a call to each other. My prayers will forever hold those families and our Nation, for healing, strength and wisdom. xxoo Nan