Happy Pink Saturday and The Rosette Swap Reveal!!!

Hello my Sparkly FriEnDs!!!
Happy Pink Saturday to you!
Last week was truly inspirational. It is so amazing what can happen when
"us women-folk"
get together to accomplish something.
Heck Yeah!!

So this week we had the
for the Rosette Swap
that I was in from
Gypsy Brocante.
Since the Rosette was
and since I need to be in my studio all weekend creating,
I am hoping it is a
Pink saturday post
as well!
Scroll down or
click here
to the original
Full Story version
for a giggle.

And then go on over to our lovely hostess

and see all of the other glorious
pink sweetness!
Oh- and remember to have yourself a sparkly pinkalicious day!!!


  1. Cute lil pixie there, Tobi! Love your music and all your sparklies. Happy Pink Saturday weekend.


  2. Don't know which I love more on this blog...the beautiful pictures or the "sparkly" music! Beautiful Rosette, lucky girl! Have a wonderful Pink Saturday, Tobi...

  3. Hi Tobie Sweetie...
    As always I so love your post. You and the Pixies make me smile and take me to a place of happiness and sparkles. I so thank you all.

    I love this swap and your rosette is just beautiful. You are truly talented sweet friend. Truly you are. I love to come and see what you are up to each week. I just do not know how you do it.

    Thank you for sharing and as always, have a beautiful Pink Saturday. We will talk soon.

    Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  4. You have such a pretty blog here.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Your little pixie is very cute-love what you did with her!

  6. Always love your pink and sparkly blog!

    Happy PS,

  7. G'day Tobi ~ Another beautiful twinkling pinkie day ... your creations bring such fun & fantasy as they glisten & beckon...

    Have a beautiful PS & holiday weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  8. Hey Sweet Tobi,,,looks like you and all the pixies are doing great,,,I sure hope so!!!
    Happy PINK Saturday a day late!!!
    Gods blessings on you~~~Hugs Dena

  9. Such pretty pink specialness. Hope you had a great Pink Day.