Happy Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday my Sparkly Friends! The Pixies have been so hard at work opening flowers lately, I have hardly even seen them in the studio!
Please be sure to visit sweet Miss Beverly at How Sweet the Sound to see all of the other Pink Beauties my Pink Comrads have displayed!

But first, please come TipToe thru the TULIPs with me! (Just please leave out the Tiny Tim Voice!)

Aren't they a lovely shade of pink?
Here's the Cherry Tree in my front yard.
More Tulips....
Hot Pink Azaleas

And lastly, even though it isn't Pink, this lovely Violet I rescued from the front lawn... it pays to look closely!
Have a lovely day!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!


  1. Very pretty and very pink! Hope you have a lovely time in your beautiful garden.

    Best wishes,

  2. Very Lovely!! My Azaleas are already wilting! Of course it will be 90 here tomorrow! YUCK. I like warm hot stinks! I wish your pixies would their magic here!

    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhh - tulips, azaleas, and cherry trees - everything I love and can't grow here! Beautiful!

  4. i love this pink walk through the flowers! thanks for sharing! gorgeous inspiration from nature! makes me want to paint!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  5. Happy Pink Saturday Tobie Sweetie...
    I so love this post. Oh my how beautiful your cherry blossoms are, the tulips are so delightful and the azaleas exquisite. Love the little violet. What an element of surprise he is. Just beautiful for sure. I am sure the pixie's pointed the way to his discovery. They have such a great eye for these very treasures.

    I have been wanting to pop over. I came home with what I thought was a cold, turns out I have pneumonia. I am battling a fever now for 2 days. Antibiotics and prednisone should start kicking in soon. I have coughed so hard I have pulled a chest muscle that is causing horrible spasms in my chest and neck. Makes it very hard to rest. Maybe tonight I can rest. Each night I hope.

    Thank you for sharing with me sweetie. As always I am so thrilled and delighted to come and visit with you. What treasures I find over here. Please wish the Pixies a Happy May Day as I know they will be busy tomorrow sending happiness and sunshine to all of your neighbors. Country hugs sweetie and so much love...Sherry

  6. So beautiful! Love the cherry blossoms!
    Happy Pink Saturday :) Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Lovely flowers! :)


    PS: I hope it's okay to sign off with hugs. Recently, there was a discussion in an online group where an Australian woman complained how horrible hugs are after all -- too much affection and cuteness for her. Ever since I now hesitate to sign off that way...

  8. Happy Pink Saturday Tobi!
    Those are gorgeous.

  9. The flowers are incredible! I think you
    are so lucky to have that cherry tree!
    Happy Pink Saturday! Enjoy the weekend!

    Flora Doora

  10. such beautiful flowers! blooming so pinky! Happy PS!

  11. HPS!!
    Such pretty blooming lovelies you have in your garden! Delightful!!

  12. Oh, such lovely pinks, Tobi! Nothing like pink blooms to brighten up one's day. Happy Pink Saturday weekend.


  13. Ok I need to come sit on your front porch and sip tea! How gorgeous is that!
    luvs and glitter

  14. How lucky to have a cherry tree! They are so gorgeous.

    I would like to invite you to a birthday tea at my blog on May 7th. I'll be turning 25 this year and wanted to celebrate with my blogger friends. If you'd like to attend, you can check out my post about it here:

    I hope to see you there Tobi! I know you'll have something beautiful to share with me.

  15. Your blog is all my favorite colors...Love it and became a follower!

  16. So beautiful and perfect for May Day!

  17. Very pretty post. Love the pixie tree, could be beautiful set out at Christmas.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and the great tip on dogs with tennis balls. I will be really careful from now on and even saw an article where someone's dog almost choked on one. She was able to grab the dogs throat and carefully knead it out (like working something out of a sock). Dog was fine in the end. She is getting him a tennis ball on a rope (which I will probably do as well.)

    Have a great Sunday,
    toodles, julie

  18. Oooh....I am so behind on my commenting! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!