Blue Monday!

Smiling Sally Blue Monday Link

Well, This is my first Blue Monday from smilingsally!! I am sure if i look, there is a color for every day of the week!
Blue Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!


  1. That blue looks so vibrant and alive. I could use a dish like that to plate my food. Cheers!

  2. Oh, blue is pretty, too!!! xoxox

  3. OMG i am kinda feelin like a stalker,,,sorry, hope you're not too tired of me yet.. THese trees are just fab Sweetie !!! I can almost feel the pixies around just looking at the pics you show us. Awesome blogs , the eblues are soooooo gorgeous!!!
    hugs again,,,Dena

  4. Me again ~~~WOW,,,THANKS for the smiles you brought to me..Nite and Keep Sparkling Sweetie!!!
    I shall return. My granddaughter would love your trees and such. I must go to your etsy shop soon too.
    Pixie Hugs~~~Dena
    We see them in Iowa at times during our travels,,we just don't tell many people yet ;0)

  5. I love this blue tree! You really have such a wonderful creative talent. Thank you for sharing. Hugs Anne

  6. What a wonderful blue, and I love your background too.

  7. Hello!
    I am just now catching up Blue Monday! I love your blue tree and the plate it is on! Very pretty blues! I also really like your art work!
    Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower! I love your blog too (who could resist with the name you chose?!) and I would love to keep up with what your creating next so I'm going to follow you too!

    Hope you had a Happy First Blue Monday!