Have A Peaceful And Blessed Easter Sunday!!

Hi all my sparkly friends! I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Easter filled with blessings of all kinds! I won't have time today to stop by each of you individually, so please accept my blogging wishes!!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!


  1. Happy Easter Tobi and may your day be filled with lots of goodies, friends, family and bunches of love!

  2. Have a wonderfully sparkly Easter Sunday filled with friends and happiness :)

  3. And to you and your family, happy Easter wishes.

  4. Warm wishes to you and yours for a blessed and happy Easter. I have picked up a bug after returning from vacation and will spend today by myself instead of passing it on to faimily.

    Enjoy the day of the lord.

  5. oh my goodness, what a gorgeous, sparkely blog, I love it, thanks for coming by so I can find you...I just followed...yea..100 followers for you!!!!! Your swap baskets are just gorgeous, it was a fun swap, only my second...they make me a little nervous. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter Sunday!!

  6. You and Jen are definitely twins separated at birth. I love both your trees. Happy Belated Easter Greetings!

  7. Hope you had a sparkly wonderful Easter with all your pixie friends! xoxox

  8. Hey there Tobi...you stopped by to follow along at my dear friend Sarah Anderson's blog...hope you will do the same over at Julie's Open Window....love to have you.

    Love visiting always : )

  9. Good Morning Sweetie...
    Just wanted to pop over this morning and see how everyone is doing in the Pink Pixie Forest. I am sure you all are resting as I know you have to sprinkle paths along the way for the Easter Bunny to find the homes of all the children.

    I think a little of that pixie dust was left at my home as well. How wonderful for the Easter Bunny to remember sugar free for the diabetic. I loved it.

    Hope you are having a beautiful week sweet friend. See ya soon. Country hugs and Much love...Sherry