Hello Ruby Tuesday!

First, my RED recipe holder on my stove
Here's a close up of my RED KNOBS on my stove of course....I will let you have all the fun you want with that one!
A RED CROSS on my Medical Cabinet
We all know what to do with Prince Albert in a can....
My daughter wearing a red top. Believe it or not, she is a natural blonde like me...go figure- I would have to give birth to the only blonde that wants to be a brunette! Maybe she wants to be smarter...hmmnnnn...maybe I should try that!
Please go and check out all of the lovely RUBIES!!!!!

Sparkly Hugs,Tobi and the Pixies!


  1. Oh my god, you do NOT look old enough for that to be your daughter! It just looks like you with dark hair!

  2. "Really? Ya think? Wowo thanks! I am 49!" she says blushing while the Pixies are rolling on the floor laughing hysterically.
    "Don't forget to tell them you are a makeup artist and took like 500 shots to get that nice one Tobeee" says Emma Sparklebottom as I look for my broom to swat her with!

  3. knobs schmobs--- I just want a stove like that! My house is all electric, you see.

    You and your daughter are both gorgeous-- you don't look like the 49 yr olds around here-- must be the pixie DNA...

  4. Ummm.

    1. I have stove envy. GORGEOUS STOVE! Wow. I'd love one like that. Problem is, people would expect me to make really good stuff, then. Yeah - big problem.

    2. Your daughter is GORGEOUS!!!!

    3. HOLY CRAP. 49?!!!! I would have guessed you to be 35, woman!!!!

  5. C'mon Mar, I already love ya! As for the stove and cooking, when you have this stove you can order takeout from a nice restaurant and PRETEND you cooked it and nobody will second guess you!
    Not that i do that......

  6. Pretty reds and HOLY MOLY!!! That is your daughter!! Yikes! It could be your sister! I need to starting buying Oil of Olay or something!! LOL!!